Hiring VA


Naval has a good take on hourly rate: https://nav.al/hourly-rate


Philiphines is a good country. Good English, better work culture than India. Affordable.

What To Delegate

VA will not work with every single task. This is where they are most useful.

  1. Repetitive tasks
    • Few hour per week
    • Structured that any other person can handle
    • Ex: Filter through incoming resumes and job applications
  2. Time consuming
    • Ex: Collect data on these 100 data points in this manner
  3. Unique skill
    • Each VA has their own strengths
    • eg. writing, research, data, art etc..
  4. Things you don’t want to do

Delegation skill is important. Initially you will have a hard time delegating but as you delegate you’ll get better and be able to give much more.

Where To Find

Here is the list of Virtual Assistant Facebook Groups:

How To Find

Step1: Post an application, here is a template

I'm Demi,
I work on Colonist.io with 1M MAU. I'm looking for a virtual assistant who can save me time with the below tasks.

- Clear out my inbox
- Arrange travel details
- Do data entry
- Research
- Check certain twitter hashtags weekly and compile a report

- Good work ethics
- Honest
- Excellent English & communication skills
- Organized & conscientious
- At least 2 years of any work experience
- Able to figure out how to use new tools

If you're interested send an email with the blow
Title: Applying For VA Position - [your full name]
Tell me 
  1. 2 sentences about yourself
  2. Your desired hourly rate
  3. Why you want to apply for this job
  4. Attach your CV or linkedin

Step2: Eliminate anyone who couldn’t follow the email format, they won’t be able to follow any other format you give.

Step3: Send them a test, make sure to keep the test weird so that you know they’re okay doing anything.

Here is how we will move forward. 

1. I'll give an example test I expect you to fill it out in a creative way, I don't need a full-blown thing with all the data but 1-2 hours of trial is enough. (free)
2. If I like the example test, I'll request a couple other tasks (paid)
3. If I like how we're working, I'll request something longer term (paid)

If it works for you feel free to do the test and send me the result.

## Test:

We're looking for the best country to setup a human farm in. So we need to research different countries to check regulations and prices and pick accordingly.

1. Create a table in airtable
2. Create the titles you think I'll need (yes it involves thinking about what I could be wanting) 
3. The aim is to determine the optimal countries where it is cheap, laws & regulations are available to create lots of babies. So of course you'll need to add the price column & countries column, but law & regulation columns will be determined depending on what you find and you'll need to create columns & styles in a good format. 
4. Try to include countries such as USA, China, AU, Thailand, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and any other interesting countries that you come across during your research. No need to list them all. If there are any other interesting info that could be used for the aim (creating lots of babies for a cheaper price) please add. Make sure to add references as well. 
5. Check out examples of good airtable projects to learn how to organize raw data in a good way
6. Don't spend more than 2 hours on this. Let me know how much time you spent on it.

Let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise, you can just go on with the trial.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.