Kids should eat lots of protein & minerals to form proper skeletal structure.

Nutrition Deficiency


Nutrition deficiencies can reduce the height of a person by 15%. This means that If a deficient 1.60cm male grew up with proper nutrition they would have become 1.85cm.

The main reason of these jumps are eating properly.

Other Problems

  1. Dental: Kids who grow up with bad diet will not achieve their full skeletal state. So they will need to wear braces when older.
  2. Brain Function: Kids who grow up with bad diet will have lower cognitive abilities.
  3. Sickness: Kids growing up with bad diet will become more sick more often.
  4. Physical abilities: They’ll have lower muscular tone & control.

What To Eat

What Not To Eat

Before Pregnancy

Ideally we fix our health 6 months before conceiving for a baby. Watch this:

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