There are 2 strong tools to do this.

Dilbert Principle

Read the dilbert principle.


Hey Demi, I hope everything is going well. I wanted to ask you a question. Should I choose the option A which is creative or option B which is pragmatic?

Using dilbert principle we can remove stuff until only the essence is left

Hey Demi, should I move forward with option A or B?

Pyramid Principle

Read the Pyramid Principle

Example 1:

Wife: When will you be back? Husband: I will go to the grocery, pick up stuff, then pick up the kids, then go to barber and after a round trip, I’ll probably be home at 6pm.

Instead start with the answer and if wife asks the details answer them.

Husband: I’ll be home at 6pm.

Example 2:

Here is my report, I went through all the social medias, all the platforms, all the things. I dove deeper into stuff. I gathered more information from google. I also did bla bla bla

The listeners has zoned out already. Instead start with the result and the listeners will ask more questions if interested.

Lets go with strategy A. A will increase retention by X, revenue by Y More details below

This way it is clear what is being presented.