6 Dec new praxtice first time

22 Nov - Chair look fully up for the first time on right hand

13 Nov - Did 7 flares first time

29 Sept - Finished storm footwork #4 my back-shoulders are all red & hurts.

28 Sept - First time left chair elbow felt the fat on my lower back (simit)

28 Sept - Finished storm footwork #3

26 Sept - First time i put both my heels on the ground on right chair

25 Sept - First time I turned my hips to the ceiling totally on left chair

7 Sept - General - My wrist has healed enough so that I can get on my left wrist without putting my knees on the floor while warming it up

5 Sept - General - I started feeling the control while doing handstand pushups. I’ve been prwcticing this for ~6th time.

1 May 2019 - Chair Freeze - Today I realized I couldn’t do chair and airchair correctly bcs my chest is looking at the wrong direction It should be looking up. I need to stretch more. (Thanks bgirlcara)

Apr 25 2019 - Flare - My hips were always in the center. First time hips moved to the side.

Apr 20 2019 - Flare - I should focus on keeping my left leg in the air.

20 Apr 2019 - Webster - I jump right away, I need to wait a bit & turn a bit before jumping with my left leg. (Thanks Hazal)

Apr 19 2019 - Flare - First time right leg doesn’t touch the floor while swiping.

Apr 6 2019 - Flare - I was pulling my left leg towards my face where I should have been pulling it towards my ear. (Thanks Giraffu)

Apr 6 2019 - Flare - Both hands should be touching the ground before lowering my right leg. So I should have a stance like both legs up and both hands touching the ground before continuing. (Thanks Giraffu)

1 Apr 2019 - General - My wrists make cracking sounds when doing workout. I’ve seeked help from Hazal, Emir researched a lot got together a wrist program, hopefully will strengthen my wrists.

25 Mar 2019 - Chair Freeze - Can stay less than 1 sec on airchair but the style is messed up.

25 Mar 2019 - Air Chair - First airchair photo

24 Mar 2019 - Webster - Chest should close with legs as tight as possible. Chest should go down. (Thanks Rambo)

24 Mar 2019 - Webster - Tense your left part as well as your right part (Thanks Rambo)

24 Mar 2019 - General - Learned my wrists are fucked up and I need to work on stretching them to the other sides as well. (Thanks Rambo)

Mar 23 2019 - Flare - Practice flare from the side stance position or turtle position (Thanks Reckless)

Mar 23 2019 - Flare - Strengthen trapezius to better lift yourself (Thanks Sincap)

23 Mar 2019 - Chair Freeze - While training airchair balance put your second hand above/behind your head to completely open up your chest (Thanks Sincap)

23 Mar 2019 - General - As I’ve seen a good bboy can get up to one hand position from anywhere.

23 Mar 2019 - General - Press handstand: my body is too weak to perform such an act. I tried it with help. First off my wrists & arms couldn’t carry me secondly I wasnt able to lift up my legs on my own, i felt like a total lump of meat

Mar 14 2019 - Flare - First time 10 rounds (form messed up, feet get strength from ground)

12 Mar 2019 - Handstand - Flexed my shoulders before handstand and my position was much better

12 Mar 2019 - Handstand - Pushing my shoulders up causes my balance to be more controlled

12 Mar 2019 - Handstand - Handstand could be tiring because of my high blood pressure, need to check it out

9 Mar 2019 - Webster - Tried it for the first time on mattress.

18 Feb 2019 - 8 March 2019 - Military Service, didn’t practice at all

16 Feb 2019 - General - I was flexing my shoulders for the past few days. I lay on my back, butt lifted up, arms above my head. I sstick my arms under something heavy that’ll keep them down and then slowly lower my butt. Today was the first time I was able to put my fingers & butt on the ground by myself.

Feb 16 2019 - Flare - Prwcticing flare from different entry points will increase your control (Thanks Burhan)

14 Feb 2019 - Handstand - Started practicing handstand on wall while switching between touching butt & touching feet.

Feb 13 2019 - Flare - TIL that I can hardly do V-sit how on earth am I expecting to do flares. (Thanks Orhan)

Feb 13 2019 - Flare - Don’t practice flare on asphalt (shoe gets ripped)

Feb 13 2019 - Flare - If you’re goal is to do it 5 times, your mental goal should be to do it 10 times. Thats how you can reach 5. (Thanks Orhan)

Feb 13 2019 - Flare - Pracitce 1+1, which means start flare from standing position, then come back to the same position.

Feb 13 2019 - Flare - TIL according to Orhan that shoulder flexibility is more important for flare than leg flexibility.

13 Feb 2019 - General - Human eye sees the world in 2D then our brain creates a 3D image of it. When we watch videos our brain is not able to effectively compile it to 3D thus our understanding of what is going on highly diminishes. (Thanks Orhan)

Feb 11 2019 - Windmill - While On your back I’m taking too much time, I need to improve my speed, and also bring my legs closer towards my head. (Thanks Halil)

Feb 11 2019 - Windmill - I think ive finally figure out consistantly how not to hit my shoulder, but my knowledge is not technical more of a feeling. I try to tense my left arm/shoulder, keep my left arm close to my shoulder while going down. Also i try to land on the accumilated fat/muscle which is between my arm and shoulder. Which means im landing lower in my back rather than at the top where i hit my shoulder

Feb 11 2019 - Flare - I thought I was holding my left leg in the air but actually I wasnt. After trying to hold it in the air, I felt it for the first time how it should have been. (Thanks Halil)

11 Feb 2019 - 1990 - Landing the entry is important, the thing that matters most is being able to balance on your turning hand as much as possible. (Thanks Halil)

11 Feb 2019 - Handstand - Started doing sideway walks & first time I was able to walk 4 steps to the side

9 Feb 2019 - 1990 - Prerequisite is getting butt in the air, prerequisite of that is getting butt in air on handstand, prerequisite of that is shoulder flexibility. I need to flex my shoulders and at least make them touch the ground when I’m on my back

Feb 9 2019 - Flare - First time 5+ rounds (form and everything messed up, feet touch the ground)

Feb 8 2019 - Flare - First time 2 rounds (form and everything messed up, feet touching the ground)

6 Feb 2019 - Handstand - Walked backwards 8 steps for the first time

6 Feb 2019 - Chair Freeze - Right hand chair both toes touch the ground for the first time (wow I thought this was my first)

3 Feb 2019 - Swipe - Start by facing the side not by facing up

3 Feb 2019 - 1990 - Today I felt that the rotation is controlled by the right leg

1 Feb 2019 - General - Wrists hurt but not as bad. Wrist training exercises seem to be working.

30 Jan 2019 - General - Wrists hurt so bad that can’t focus on practice. TIL that I need to strengten & increase flexibility of my wrists

Jan 26 2019 - Windmill - I am not failing/trying enough because my shoulder hurts. I need to find a way to prevent it.

Jan 26 2019 - Windmill - I think I figured it out this time, when I’m on my back and trying to get to turtle position I need to push my hand while not lifting my legs above toward my head.

Jan 26 2019 - Flare - I need to put my second hand nearer to my body

26 Jan 2019 - 1990 - Don’t forget to move head closer to second arm

26 Jan 2019 - 1990 - TIL that while entering the move I swirl my second hand behind me where I shouldnt be swirling it back like that

26 Jan 2019 - Toprock - Dancing with a chrunch position (knees 30%) looks better

26 Jan 2019 - Toprock - Only using legs doesn’t look so good, always add arms

25 Jan 2019 - Baby Freeze - Able to get to freeze position without starting from ground. I lift my back leg and thrust my forward one. So it wasn’t the flexibilty afterall.

25 Jan 2019 - Handstand - First time walking backwards max 6 steps at a time, usually 2

Jan 23 2019 - Flare - Easily do 1 flare outside of practice

23 Jan 2019 - Chair Freeze - First time able to touch foot to ground on right side.

23 Jan 2019 - Baby Freeze - No longer need to stretch my buttocks before attempting, my daily stretches have made me more flexible.

23 Jan 2019 - Baby Freeze - Able to easily get to baby position from the ground. But flexibility still doesn’t let me do it from a normal point.

23 Jan 2019 - 1990 - First time able to spin 180 degrees.

Jan 20 2019 - Flare - Even if my legs hit the ground, don’t stop the move and continue to move

20 Jan 2019 - General - First time able to sit in russian squat.

Jan 19 2019 - Windmill - Figured out how to do keep my legs up (by being more at the top of my back) but couldn’t do seamlessly yet

Jan 19 2019 - Flare - First time did 50 flares in 1 day

19 Jan 2019 - 1990 - First time able to lift my bottom/legs up vertical to my shoulders

12 Jan 2019 - Swipe - TIL how arms should be on swipes, one should leave the ground before the other touches

12 Jan 2019 - Scorpion - First time my butt touches the wall on scorpion

12 Jan 2019 - General - First time my hands touch each other on my back while flexing like this but with the help of someone else

11 Jan 2019 - 1990 - TIL while entering the move press your hand from your shoulder and lift up you ass to handstand position

11 Jan 2019 - 1990 - TIL when placing second hand move your head near your second hand

7 Jan 2019 - Baby Freeze - TIL the reason I wasn’t able to do baby freze was lack of flexibility and after some buttocks stretching I was easily able to do baby freze.


Prayer Squats

Squats with knee drops

Novel wrist movements

straddle ups