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2022 July - Clinic in Kyrgzstan -> Parent wanted to be anonymous so result is unknown 2023 Aug - Manila - ICI method -> Waiting for baby pics


Whats the difference between methods?

How To Increase Chance Of Pregnancy?

This has been written by one of my recipients.

  1. Take folic acid (once a day). Better to take folic acid months before trying.
  2. Avoid liquor entirely or at least on your two week wait. Avoid cigarettes permanently.
  3. Have yourself checked by Obgyne to determine infertilities or track ovulation. They can also give you something to take to increase chances (clomid, femara, mypcos, progesterone, metformin, etc) Note: Do NOT drink this on your own. Have yourself checked and take only what is prescribed.
  4. Track using ovulation strips suggested brand: easy@home. You can buy this online.
  5. Make sure to inseminate on your peak day and 3-4 more days after peak. If you are already familiar with your cycle try and inseminate days leading to your peak.
  6. During donation day, insert sperm ASAP (not more than 15mins) using 1 or 5ml syringe.
  7. No scientific explanation in putting your legs up but you can still do so every after insemination. I put my legs up 15-30mins after inseminating then go on with my day.
  8. Check your cervical mucus, if you don’t have any during fertile week, you can opt to using Preseed. (This is a lubricant that helps sperm get to their destination) can be bought online.
  9. If you have clear CM during fertile week, no need to use Preseed.
  10. Making yourself cum each insemination can also help (I did it 5 days straight, every after donation) sex with your partner works too if you are up to it.
  11. Eat pineapple during 1-10 DPO
  12. Continue drinking your vitamins. Folic acid prenatal vitamin e vitamin c
  13. Track your calendar using apps (Glo or Flo)
  14. You can start testing for pregnancy at 10dpo onwards.
  15. Avoid softdrinks, fastfood, chips on your two week wait.
  16. Lastly, pray for positive at the end of your cycle.

Also this:

What Is Your Criteria For Donating?

I have a few non-negotiables

  1. The recipient should be prepared, done their research, know whats coming etc.
  2. The recipient should have enough savings.
  3. The recipient should not be smoking, vaping or drinking alcohol.

Are You Willing To Travel?

Sometimes, I prefer my transportation & accommodation to be covered.
Sometimes I will already be going to that region. Feel free to ask me.

How Much Do You Charge For Donation?

I know having a kid is expensive so I don’t charge. But it’s work on my end as well, I will be taking my time for this.

Why Do You Donate?

My last relationship didn’t work out and I don’t know when I’ll have a suitable one to procreate with. In the meantime it is a nice feeling knowing I am helping others have kids. Also this:

What Should I Look For In A Donor?

Genes: This is the most important one. You can’t redo your kid. Your kid will have many of the donors traits. Make sure to select someone who you think is amazing. This can be kindness, achievements, physical appearance or whatever you value. You decide what type of kid you want.

Health: The prior health of the parent before conceiving will effect the childs health:

Location: It’s better to seek someone in your vicinity. Process will be easier and cheaper. Only if you can not find, it makes sense to seek elsewhere.

Where To Ask More Questions?

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